The Vinyl Moods started in February of 2016 when Ricky and Daniel met up for some beers at Churchill’s Pub in San Marcos, CA. The meeting was a reunion of sorts as a few years had passed since they had last hung out. They had been friends since middle school and through high school, but had fallen out of contact for a few years.

After a beer or two, Daniel finally admitted to Ricky that he had been taking singing lessons over the previous six months, and asked Ricky if he still played guitar. Ricky had been playing guitar since middle school and even had a reputation in high school for being a very talented guitarist. Daniel showed Ricky some recordings of his singing and Ricky, somewhat impressed, suggested that they both meet up the following Saturday to jam.

They met that Saturday around noon and the rest, as they say, was history. Needless to say, the jam session was a success and, that same evening, they went out to an open mic at small brewery in Carlsbad, CA.

They continued to attend open mics as a duo throughout San Diego County for the next few months. It was during one of these open mic sessions that the hilarious story behind “Stolen Markers” transpired.

Knowing that their performance options were limited with just a guitarist and a vocalist, the two actively searched for other talented musicians to join them. Their search finally bore fruit at a band showcase at Gianni’s Pizza in Vista, CA. That night, The Vinyl Moods were followed by Midnight Roach, another local band with Ellery at lead vocals and guitar and Josh at drums. Daniel and Ellery had known each other through a mutual friend and that night, they made plans to jam together the following weekend.

Little did they all know, that run-in was the beginning of a musical collaboration that was destined to go places. All at once, The Vinyl Moods gained a top-notch bassist and drummer. Armed with a full sound, they were ready to begin gigging at many local establishments.

Since then, The Vinyl Moods have performed all throughout San Diego County and beyond. They are currently in the middle of recording their first official EP in collaboration with Rarefied Recording Studio, and plan to release it in the coming months.

The Vinyl Moods story has just begun. Check back often for updates and news.