EP Release Party Tonight

Big news! The physical CD copies of our new EP are here. They will be available tonight at our EP Release Party!! Be sure to grab your friends and make it a rockin' night to remember by joining us at 710 Beach Club tonight! We will be joined by Boxcar Chief who will go live … Continue reading EP Release Party Tonight


Official EP Release

We're extremely pleased to announce the upcoming release of our first official EP album!!! We plan to officially release the album on Friday, July 21, 2017 when it will become available on Spotify as well as the iTunes store. To celebrate, we'd like to invite Everybody to the release party on Saturday, July 29, 2017 … Continue reading Official EP Release

Take It Easy

Would I make it? The light turned yellow as I veered left through the slippery intersection on a rainy evening. I had just gotten off work for the day, so, naturally, I was in an elated mood, ready to go home. The left turn was going as planned, when suddenly the truck in front of … Continue reading Take It Easy