Stolen Markers

One day, at the open mic
The host man, got into a fight
Some hipsters, went and did him wrong
Inspiring the words to this song

He said “Someone’s stolen my favorite pens
If I don’t get them back
This open mic will end!”

And we said “Hey man!
Get over it!
They’re just markers
No need to get upset (get upset)
Don’t worry
Yeah, we’ll get you some more
Over at the dollar store”

The host man
Began to make a scene
He started to, get real mean
The hipsters, gave him back his pens
But he wouldn’t let, the drama end

He said “I want you all to apologize”
The hipsters did, but still he cried



He said “So listen up you guys
Don’t steal my pens
Don’t tell me no lies!”


Hey man! x4
Over it!

Lyrics by Ricky Lizarraga and Daniel Conrad
Music by Ricky Lizarraga
Copyright 2017