Chemical Reaction

I gave my girl
A Chemical Reaction
Just because
Of the satisfaction
She is my world
The reason for my actions now

Oh please believe me, don’t look at me like I’m going crazy now
She’ll never leave me, she will never go
She won’t deceive me
And I won’t deceive her, I know

R: But is she sweet?
D: Sweeter than any honey!
R: Is she smart?
D: Smarter than you can know!
R: Where did you meet?
D: I can’t tell anybody
R: How’d it start?
D: Let me tell you how it goes…


Oh my girl, did you know that she’s always on my mind yeah?
She’s like a pearl, so very hard to find yeah
She’s worth the world, and she’s all mine, oh yeah!

D: But is she sweet?
R: Sweeter than any honey!
D: Is she smart?
R: Smarter than you can know!
D: Where did you meet?
R: I can’t tell anybody
D: How’d it start?
R: Let me tell you how it goes…

Chorus x 2


Words and Musics by Ricky Lizarraga
Copyright 2017